Vasanth NemalaDirector of Cloud Products and Services

    Vasanth Nemala first had the opportunity to explore data and analytics in his graduate studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and since then, he’s focused his career in the breadth and depth of this space. Vasanth is able to build a solution from end-to-end, starting with user discovery, through data architecture and integration, in application development, and in the infrastructure to support the full spectrum of the solution. With almost all of his career at Incite, Vasanth has grown into a system architect, ensuring the availability, reliability, security, efficiency, and high performance for Incite’s Cloud and Managed Services. Vasanth’s passion lies in understanding the underlying science of how data and system architecture can support highly optimized solutions, studying algorithms and techniques to meet the continually evolving demand for complex analytics. Vasanth’s Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Computer Science, and he holds several specialized technical certifications Vasanth enjoys cooking and playing volleyball, and his dream is to one day own a Lamborghini. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and son.

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