Rob VanRenterghemPartner

Rob VanRenterghem has helped fuel the growth and success of dynamic companies for over 20 years. By creating a sound vision, harnessing data-driven insights, and orchestrating the talents and passion of great teams, he has driven value chain improvements and delivered strong results for organizations small and large. Rob has served at the executive level in organizations including Kraft Foods, Gordon Food Service, and recently as Vice President of Product Management for Domino’s Pizza. In these roles, he led merchandising and procurement teams that included the primary functions of procurement, logistics, marketing, and category management. His areas of greatest interest, focus, and results include both sides of the value proposition: the cost-reduction side, driven by negotiation and the overall procurement process, and the value-creation side, driven by efficient and effective marketing and sales strategies. Rob earned his MBA from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s from Hope College. Outside of work, he volunteers with several organizations, and serves as a board member for the University of Michigan’s Musical Society and the Girls Group. He lives in Ann Arbor with his wife and four children.

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