Aaron MillerDirector of Technology

Aaron Miller brings over ten years of diverse expertise in technology, sales, and customer relationships. He is a technology enthusiast and has been instrumental in implementing enterprise-wide analytics solutions for multiple companies across various industries, including automotive, construction, and advertising. His breadth and depth of experience in a variety of technology stacks, his affinity to provide optimal and cost-effective analytics solutions, and his excellent customer relationship skills allow him to wear many hats at Incite. From end-to-end, he has the skills and drive to design, develop, and deploy exceptionally beautiful and functional solutions. Aaron is a natural hacker and can make the impossible possible with his tenacious desire to solve any challenge presented to him.He loves to learn about emerging technologies with hands-on experimentation. Aaron graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He is an avid music lover, world traveler, and father of two.

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