Automotive Telemetry in the Cloud

The Issue/Challenge

A major vehicle manufacturer was working to develop its next generation plugin hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV) platform. A developmental fleet of 200 vehicles was wired to generate real-time telematic performance parameters across the vehicles’ entire operating systems—including the powertrains. Nearly 100 signals were monitored at micro-second frequency and every piece of vehicle performance data was captured on a single in-vehicle data recorder.

Unfortunately, the massive volumes of data had engineers spending hundreds of man-hours each week just trying to manipulate the data into a structure they could subsequently analyze. This manual process was extremely costly, as well as time consuming and detrimental to the overall development process. Engineers were simply unable to make the necessary improvements that the very data they were collecting was intended to suggest.

The Incite Informatics Solution

Within just two weeks of working with the engineering team, Incite Informatics developed a prototype application to capture and integrate the inbound data and visualize it in diverse ways for the engineers to analyze and act on the data. The full-scale solution was designed, constructed and deployed within six months including features that allow engineers and drivers to communicate directly with the vehicles to remotely program ob-board systems.

This cloud-based platform captures all required data every five-to-ten minutes and processes it into graphical dashboards and nearly 50 user-guided ad hoc reports. These dashboards and reports are easily understood and offer interactive, “what-if” analytical power in a real-time format.

Outcome/ Result

The company now has a fully-automated, cloud-based, high-performance mechanism to capture and integrate (in near real-time) data that is reported from multiple sources at varying report frequency. This has enabled the engineers to focus their energy on studying the data and more rapidly iterating through enhancements to the PHEV technology.

Over the life of the program, the Incite Informatics solution will save the company millions of dollars in development and labor costs while bringing a higher quality hybrid plug-in platform more quickly to market.

The Particulars

Technology: MSSQL/ParAccel, SSIS, MicroStrategy 9.2.x, .NET, GSM, SCP, SMS, HTTPS
Team Strength: 11+ (business analysts, data scientists, BI developers, project manager, application programmers)
Engagement Model: Hybrid remote and on-site
Initial duration: 6 months and counting
Team output: data architecture, data integration architecture and platform, interactive dashboard, 50+ ad hoc engineering reports, on-going application support