Better Quality = Better Care

The Issue/Challenge

A globally-recognized, leading healthcare and research organization had tasked its Quality Improvement (QI) Department with collecting, analyzing and reporting quality metrics across a broad range of hospitals and business functions. These QI activities needed to report to several key stakeholders, including its Executive Board, investors and donors, health care regulatory agencies and funding sources for research and clinical trials.

Quality Improvement units like the one in this organization clearly play an essential and influential role in modern health care organizations.

Unfortunately, the organization lacked a standardized or efficient means of collecting data from the field; most reports were still filed manually. As a result, members of the QI team were spending an inordinate amount of time collecting data, as opposed to analyzing the data to identify quality improvement opportunities.

The Incite Informatics Solution

Incite Informatics was engaged to identify and remove barriers related to the consistent capture and analysis of hospital quality metrics. After an initial discovery phase to define a solution roadmap, Incite Informatics started with the design, build, and deployment of a better data capture application. This application is a centralized, web application that is used by all hospital personnel to submit and manage data related to quality metrics.

Incite Informatics then implemented a downstream analytical application for QI stakeholders to visualize the metrics in a number of ways allowing them to identify immediate needs and formulate longer-term strategies for consistent quality improvement.

The system was designed to be user-friendly for non-technical users while still enabling consistent data capture and data flow through the proper management channels. Features include the capture and reporting of hospital metrics in multiple time intervals; alerts to hospital personnel if metric submissions are incomplete or overdue, submission status and alerting to QI management, as well as the ability to submit information directly from legacy unit records/applications.

Furthermore, Incite Informatics built a benchmarking function into the solution which allows QI analysts to set organization-wide performance benchmark with automatic comparison against national standards.


The new Quality Improvement reporting system has achieved outstanding user acceptance and compliance within the entire organization, while providing the flexibility to accommodate new departments or ever-changing, real-time metrics.

Most importantly, the QI Team can now focus on its core analytical mission, fulfilling reporting mandates, while also contributing to the quality of research and medical care at the organization.

The Particulars

Technology: Oracle, Informatica, MicroStrategy 9.2.x, .NET
Team Strength: 5+ (business analyst, data scientist, data integration specialists, BI & web developers, project manager)
Engagement Model: Hybrid remote and on-site
Initial duration: 15 months and counting
Team output: data architecture, data integration architecture, .NET web application, guided ad hoc Quality Improvement reporting tools