Pizza and Pie Charts


The Issue/Challenge

Operating in the intensely competitive, high-volume, slim-margin food service industry industry, an international quick-serve restaurant (QSR) company realized that it needed better infrastructure and tools to capture, analyze, and act upon data much more effectively.

From company leadership down to its 750+ franchisees, critical information was being delivered to decision makers too late and with inadequate depth and visualization. Relevant data was being collected, but it was not being delivered to company leadership in a timely, secure or an easily usable form. This same information also was not being disseminated to franchisees in a timely, accessible or strategic manner.

The Incite Informatics Solution

Incite Informatics was engaged initially to diagnose and resolve challenges related to the performance of the data and analytical technology stack. The team quickly realized that many factors were contributing to the issues and significant measures would be required to make the needed improvements. Incite Informatics guided its client’s leadership in selecting and implementing the appropriate technology to handle its data volumes, transaction frequency, and desired analytical capabilities.

In parallel, Incite Informatics began designing and developing end-user tools to better leverage some of the existing technology. Incite Informatics

Optimizing the available “real estate” on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, Incite Informatics then designed a proof-of-concept application for both receiving and manipulating the data collected. At the same time, it also designed and launched a corporate-wide reporting mechanism for the company’s hundreds of franchise locations around the world.


Today, the company’s leadership team possesses a robust, flexible information platform that provides visually comprehensible and timely data that is used to analyze, direct and improve operations at all levels of the organization. This same information is also being securely shared (the devices work through a secure VPN firewall that requires multiple levels of authentication) with franchisees to inform them on where they stand in relation to peers, as well as suggestions for improving unit efficiency, customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

The Particulars

Technology: Netezza/DB2, DataStage, MicroStrategy 9.2.x, PERL
Team Strength: 7+ (business analysts, data scientist, BI developers, project manager)
Engagement Model: Hybrid remote and on-site
Initial duration: 18 months and counting
Team output: data architecture, data integration architecture, 2 mobile BI applicatons, franchisee performance improvement tools