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For more than four years, you’ve known us as Performant Systems Group.

It was a fine name but it didn’t really say who we are or what we do. As we continue to grow, we wanted a name that resonated more with our team and with the markets in which we operate, both here in the USA and globally.

Our passion is helping our clients organize, visualize, and mobilize their data so they have clear visibility into their strategies and operations and can be confidently decisive about advancing their objectives.

How did we come up with “Incite Informatics”?

First, we asked our clients to describe the work we did together. They used words like…encouraged, motivated, inspired, guided, rallied, and prompted. They also said we uncovered the true nature of their challenges and led them to truly innovative and transformational solutions.

This is how our name came to be. For us, informatics is where data science and technology intersect with business to form meaningful solutions.Incite means to encourage, rouse, or motivate action. Incite describes our uncommon approach to partnering with our clients.

What do you think about our new name?

Let us know your thoughts on our name change (or any of your other brilliant thoughts for that matter). Connect with us at 855.GET.AGILE or visit

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