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Got the Big Data Blues? We Can Help.

 In the words of Craig Mundie, head of research and strategy at Microsoft, “Data are becoming the new raw material of business.” Whether or not you agree, it is certain that organizations are constantly collecting higher volumes of data from new channels every day.

But what happens when the business wants to start using that data? This is where we come in. In short, we bring clarity to the chaos in your data. Incite Informatics helps improve your business performance by organizing your data and delivering cutting-edge data visualization and mobilization solutions. How do we do this? Our approach blends our core values with a variety of disciplines to make sure our clients’ analytical needs are understood and met in a matter of weeks.

 Our four key areas of focus: Business Analytics Solutions, Data Integration Solutions, Incite Informatics Cloud and Consulting in all things Data.

One Team, Many Services. 

 We started our company in 2010 with the goal to help people be smarter at their jobs. Using data and technology, we are able to solve business intelligence problems and uncover business performance opportunities. This leads to greater visibility into operations and opportunities (or threats), cost savings, increased productivity, improved morale, and a larger ROI. Basically, we create those “A Ha” moments for your company.

 Continued Growth

 The good news is that the higher demand of “A Ha” moments has created a need for more problem-solvers. We are looking for additions to the team who share our core values and thrive in a high-tech, low-maintenance world. Currently, we have two open positions in Farmington Hills, MI listed on our careers page.

  • Agile Project Manager
  • Agile Business Analyst

 If you love BIG DATA and all its challenges; if you are personable and passionate, energetic and organized, Incite Informatics may be the place for you.


Along with growing our organization, we are helping grow Detroit and Michigan back into the economic powerhouse of days gone by. Recently, we renewed our membership with The Collaborative Group, thus joining a diverse group of entrepreneurial thinkers and thought leaders focused on personal development, professional development and prosperity in Greater Detroit.

From current events to business intelligence, supply chain to logistics, we look forward to both sharing with you and learning from you.


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